Thursday, July 29, 2010


So i've had this title in mind for over a week now, however the content of the blog has remained a little lacking. In that i don't have much more to say than the tittle itself. I think i've mentioned in previous post/s that when your depressed you're constantly self talking, and most, if not all is negative and poisonous.

So in my healing i've stopped this altogether. I've been pretty good with this. I did discover that i stopped having a voice altogether. There was no mantra. The inner voice was silent. Inspiration came and i have my new voice.... I CAN DO HARD THINGS! I must say it over 20 times a day.

Spencer hits Brooklyn (I CAN DO HARD THINGS).... I approach him, take a deep breathe (because this is the 12th time he's done it today) and i try and deal with him as Christ would.

(Brooklyn the Carnivore... Lamb Shanks)

Its 5pm, the crankiest part of the day for mums and kids. We're all dying for Daddy to get home, dinner has to be made. Not ideal circumstances (I CAN DO HARD THINGS). Better still, I can do hard things day in day out. My goal this week was to cook dinner for 7days in a row. I don't think i've ever done this our entire marriage. I married a saint! Today is day 7. Not only have i cooked every day but i've also made sweets and have huge amounts of leftovers. We've sat at the table every night together as a family and we've been spot on with family scripture reading and prayer. The routine has stuck this week! you see I CAN do hard things!

So there Satan... pfft

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The fruits of my Craftyness

This is "Horton," simple stuffed animal pattern given to me by my good friend Annette Comber. Pretty cute hey. I used a flanelette cot sheet pillowcase and cut it up. The big buttons and colourful DMC floss jazz it up a bit.

Spencer's plain t-shirt that i jazzed up with simple applique and stitching. $4 t-shirt from Best n Less came in handy. I must try and find the blog i stole the idea from. I really want to give this girl all the credit for an awesome idea. NEWSFLASH... just found it! Its under the re-purposing section.

To come...

When linc shows me how to convert camera raw files into jpeg's...

What i've been up to crafting wise

Brooklyn's T-Shirt Dress

Brooklyn's Sunday outfit

Eye Spy church game

Some flowers as headpeices and broche's... fabric and crochet

I've forgotten some... i'll come back if thats the case

I need some help coming up with a business name. Especially if i'm going to be doing more of this and trying to sell some of it off. The only stipulations is that i like to use my name or nicknames as part of the business name. So fire away people... suggestions not only welcomed but needed!