Thursday, November 25, 2010

Report and Re-emphasize

So it been quite a while. A long time, and things are going well, i just haven't been in the writing mood. The report is as follows.

I've lost 12kgs. I feel great. I'm fitting size 16's and am now flying solo. So i stopped doing lite n easy about 3 weeks ago now and have lost 2kgs on my own now. These are all nice accomplishments to report, they are the measurable accomplishments. I'm more proud of the progress i've made that people can't see. The changes inside my mind are the changes I'm most proud of.

The first 2 weeks were HELL. It was literally like going on a detox. The withdrawal was monstrous. I was craving sugar SO bad. I was really hungry. I felt terrible. I wanted to quit so many times. I stuck it out. Yeah good on me.

I bought Zumba and started doing that as well. Been super slack in the last month though.

I no longer have cravings. Infact my body cannot tolerate bad fatty food. Without going into details, it literally rejects it. On several occasions I've taken one mouthful of lets say a burger and spat it right out. YUCK. I actually don't like the flavor of bad foods anymore. My taste buds have completely changed. Once upon a time I could eat the sweetest things, now, fruit is as about as sweet as it can get. Infact in most cases I substitute vanilla essence for sugar. I enjoy a bit of 80% dark chocolate and 2 squares is plenty.

WOW isn't that huge! Who would of thought... i've kind of blown myself away.

I'm happy.

In those dark moments not so long ago, I never dreamed this would be possible. Not much about my life has changed. Well sort of. First, I had to fix my hormones. Second, I had to fix my testimony and repent. Third, time to start serving again (at home and at church). Fourth, time to tackle the weight and lifestyle changes.

I firmly believed that loosing this weight was (for me at least) was about obeying a commandment. I was infact breaking a commandment.... ie. the Word of Wisdom. The healthier I become the more I am appreciating and understanding my role as a beloved daughter of a Father in Heaven. And as his daughter I'm pretty special. The only sadness is that its taken me so long to realize this. I've wasted so much time!

This weightloss is NOT about being a size 8 or looking "hot" or "sexy." Remember that rant? This is about being healthy. Its interesting to note that the begining of healthy is HEAL. And that is exactly what had to happen and is continuing to happen. By doing this, I'm teaching my children correct eating habbits.

The last thing I wanted to share is a bit about women and hormones. I see alot of the old depressed me in alot of women I come into contact with. I firmly believe that alot of depression stems directly as a result of hormone inbalances. Within 3 days of taking some natural medications I felt NORMAL. I felt the heavy cloke of despair lift and my body respond is a positive manner. I was able to think straight and felt in control of my emotions and thought processes. I went to see a Holistic Doctor who i HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Here are the details.

The Medical Sanctuary
Dr Paul Payton
(Holistic Medical Practitioner)

Office C2
Ashmore City Shopping Centre
206 Currumburra Road

PH 5564 5013
FAX 5564 5080

Thankyou everyone for you kind comments and support. Its been most encouraging to receive your kind words.