Thursday, February 3, 2011

STOP PRESS.... Alicia actually finished a project

Its February... what the heck. I haven't felt like blogging. Still don't, but one of my besties just wrote a witty and entertaining blog and it reminded me that I used to write. I don't necessarily need an audience.... I'm haughty enough to laugh at my own jokes and feel gratified at my supposed witticisms. Incognito, I play the housewife pretending to be educated and clever when really I want to use ordinary and dull words that are used in the thesaurus' search engine not in the actual text itself. Farcical really. See what I mean, ridiculous would of sufficed but I can't help myself. What a doofus (no dictionary or thesaurus needed there).

I digress. Just wanted to show you the skirts I made at Christmas for the girls. The previous post mentioned I'd started and would you believe they actually made it under the Christmas tree. I was really chuffed at the end result. What a great word...chuffed, not to be confused with chaffed.

Jazzy and Bella

I took the girls skirts from a pattern over at this blog.... Fantastic. Search under her tutorials under girls patchwork skirt, its a fair way down the page.


Micky's skirt took HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. Cutting and sewing on the bias is unforgiving and frustrating to say the least. This idea was from No Big Dill and I think I put her link on the last post.

I made an outfit for Brooklyn as well... here she is looking less than impressed.

I added a little cupcake applique to her little shirt and just made a easy rah rah skirt, using her measurements multiplying by 2 for the top layer and 3 for the bottom. Elastic waist band with a frill and cha ching DONE!

I managed to squeeze sewing up some softies for Christy to help out with some of the flood victims. Details are on her blog here. Just the same Elephant ones I did a while back. Pretty sure i had pictures up on a previous post.

And thats all I have to say about that. Coming up. I hope to publish my Repentence talk, which isn't until march but I've started doing my research early especially because I wanted to read the Miracle of Forgiveness. I am no longer the same person. More on that later.