Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So today has been another stressful day. Which is dissapointing because Spencer was so good yesterday. Kate and I met at the Cleveland pool and had a really nice morning with the kids. Brooklyn was happy to sit in the ring so the left me somewhat available to chase after him. The little Aldi life jacket is awesome. He can swim around on his own which means he is completley free to roam, which is what Spencer does best. The suprizing thing about the whole morning is he was GENTLE! wow Lucy even got a nice cuddle and kiss. It was really good to have a fun and happy day with good behavior from Spence, especially since the last week has been horrible. We had the house covered in baby powder twice in 2 days which sucks becuase we don't own a vacuume. So i borrowed mums and here i am trying to clean it all up (because he had to do it right before we were leaving to pick linc up from work) and Linc is stressing about getting off on their little Father and Sons camp.