Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christmas made with my own hands

I love making as many gifts as possible at Christmas time. This means you have to start early or just resist giving aways crafts for birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year. This year we have my sister in law and her husband and 3 kids to buy for (in the Kilworth family). I've racked my brains! I think i've made up my mind what to do for all the girls. Here are my ideas.

My sister in law, Nikki, loves a funky pant. I saw this pattern Issey Miyake designed for Vogue. Love the top and pants combo. What do you think?

Pattern number 1052

I've tried to upload the picture but the file keeps getting corrupted somewhere along the line. Google it if you can be bothered.

So idea number 2. For the 2 girls i wanted to make some church and casual skirts for my neices.

I was planning to use the new pattern Make it Perfect just released, and incorporate this concept on no big dill.

As it happens Make it Perfect have a give away currently running to win the new pattern. If your interested check it out here.

Now idea number 3.... is for me. I'm finding as i loose weight its really hard on the clothes front. Clothes aren't fitting or are looking baggy and making me look bigger than I really am. I don't want have to buy a whole wardrobe at every size on my way down. So what to do!

My solution... a wrap skirt! I'll use another pattern from Make it Perfect to achieve this.

Plus some home baked goods like last year. I just made an apple cordial, so depending on how that goes down tonight with my friends who are coming for dinner then that may make it into some gift baskets as well. The feedback was the relish was yummo. Better start cooking soon.

And while I'm at it, I'm needing some ideas for my stall. I'm just wanting to sell some food items. So far I thought I'd do my tomato relish, lemon butter, melting moments, apricot balls, anzac biscuits. Would love some ideas. And the only proviso is that the ingredients are relatively cheap to buy and easy to make.