Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long service leave has ended...

Long service leave has ended...

It's been over a year... pity really.  I used to really enjoy writing, I'd even go as far to say I thought I was pretty good at it.  I was really some old blogs a couple of weeks ago and found myself chuckling.  I liked what I read and commented to Lincoln how it was "such a shame" I didn't write anymore.  I was even asked to contribute to a couple of blogs but have a real lack of inspiration.  I'll put it down to writers block.

I hope to make a go of it again.  A fair effort.  Well the big news item is that Lincoln and I are expecting baby number 3 in early November!  We're completely thrilled (albeit a little nervous).  I'll be a month shy off turning 30!  YIKES.  I'm extremely nervous about getting some sort of routine happening and squeezing in feeds while picking up and dropping off Spencer to school and Brooklyn to kindy.  Argh.

I think for the most part I'm enjoying Motherhood more than I ever have.  Spencer recently turned 5 and Brooklyn 3.  I completely love watching their unique personalities emerge and develop.  Lets hope some of the mimicked behaviour is just a "phase."  There's nothing more irritatingly hilarious than hearing your children tell you off, using the exact same phrasing and tone as you do.  Spencer has told me a few times after being told no to something that he is "extremely disappointed in me."  He was pretty cut when I laughed and told him he was cute.  Brooklyn just shakes her pointer finger and says "never ever."

When I wake at 3am every morning (because apparently my body has had enough sleep)  I lay awake thinking of what this new little soul is going to look and sound like.  After having quite a number of dreams that the baby is born with a huge hole in his face the appearance doesn't matter all that much.  I'll be the first to admit that our children are completely adorable ( I really do think they are good looking kids) but It's their personalities that make my heart expand with adoration.  Brooklyn's willingness to pray, her gentle nurturing ways with her dolls, the way she says hello to complete strangers and they walk away with a big smile on their faces..... oh how I love that little girl!  Spencer's excited anticipation for receiving the "Priesthood Power" when he's 12, the way he makes the most amazing contraptions and inventions from lego, how he still wants to cuddle and nuzzle noses, the way he tells a story or asks the most interesting questions.... oh how I love that little boy!

I feel like having this baby is the absolute right thing to do.  I'm nervous about a few things but have enough faith and confidence that the Lord will help me.  After all, they are His.  I really looking forward to the "moment" when the baby arrives and Lincoln and I will behold for the first time this precious new child.  I can't wait to watch Lincoln be the quiet loving Father  of a newborn again.  Watching my husband with our children does wonderful thing to my heart.  Life is good.  We have challenges.  We can do better, but for now.... all is well.  Happy Mother's Day to me, you lucky lucky girl!

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